Laboratory– analytics

To meet the expectations of our customers we have created a laboratory in which water and sewage are subject to physical and chemical analysis and activated sludge is examined under microscope.

Our laboratory allows us to conduct the following analyses and tests:

  • microscope analysis of activated sludge and quality assessment,
  • wastewater parameters analysis: COD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrates, posphates, sulphates,
  • water parameters analysis: turbidity, colour, residual aluminium, ammonium nitrogen, nitrates, sulphates, basicity,
  • selection and optimisation of doses of chemicals for water and wastewater,flocculant trials for thickening and dewatering processes,
  • flocculant trials for thickening and dewatering processes,
  • selection of defoamers.

The purpose of our laboratory tests is to:

  • analyse raw wastewater parameters,
  • analyse the potential of wastewater chemical treatment,
  • analyse treated wastewater parameters,
  • optimise chemical treatment technology (selection of the right product and dosage).