inorganic acids

Hydrochloric acid (HCl), also known as muriatic acid, is used, among others, in adjusting pH of water in the process of its conditioning, in wastewater treatment, in chemical industry and metallurgical industry (steel etching), textile industry, household chemistry, pulp and paper industry, rubber industry, as well as pharmaceutical and energy industries.
Our offer includes both technical and food grade hydrochloric acid.
We deliver in canisters, IBC containers. Transport in tankers with onsite unload is also possible.

Sulphuric acid (VI) H2SO4 is commonly used in industry and in water conditioning. It is also used to produce inorganic and organic chemicals, including chemical fertilisers, as an auxiliary agent (catalyst, dessicant or pH adjustor) in the process of surface treatment, exhaust gas treatment and industrial cleaning.
We deliver sulphuric acid of various concentrations in canisters and IBC containers. We also offer transport in tankers with onsite unload.

Otrthophosphoric acid (V) is used, among others, as intermediate product in synthesis of chemical products, in the production of mineral fertilizers, phosphates and as an ingredient of detergents and washing liquids, in metal surface treatment, in production of phosphate protective coating on metals and descalating of heating fittings.
The acid is also used as food additive in food industry, as additive in production of cosmetics and feed as well as in treatment of juices in the sugar industry.
We offer deliveries of technical grade orthophosphoric acid (min. 72%) and food grade orthophosphoric acid (min. 75%) in canisters, ICB containers and in tankers – transport with onsite unload.