FENNOTECH® – is a group of products by Kemira CHIMIE SA which are used for foam control and prevent foam formation in technological chains and wastewater treatment plants (both in fermenters and aeration vessels). The products are used in such industries as food industry, paper industry, textile industry, paint production, detergent production, metal-forging, oil-refining industry and other industries based on the fermentation process.

  • FENNOTECH® 5000 is a universal defoamer dedicated for many branches of industry. It is also used in wastewater plants. The product has good preventive properties and may fulfill an effective regenerative role.
    FENNOTECH® 50000 is a highly effective dearator, has very good dispersant properties in water environment. It is also characterised by long-lasting effectiveness and stability in terms of storage and high temperatures.
    The product is used in WWTP in the foam control process, especially in septic tanks that do not contain oxygen as well as in sediment dewatering and waste disposal.
  • The main properties of the product are anti-foaming efficiency (breaking down foam with strong and weak caustics) and de-aeration efficiency which fosters de-watering and decreases the loss of sulphates. In addition, FENNOTECH® 6042 is also characterised by exceptionally long-lasting effectiveness and no pitch formation. It is also free from dioxins.
    The defoamer is used to solve problems with foam and filtration during raw paper pulp cleaning and washing base paper pulp made from soft and hard wood.

The products of the FENNOTECH® series come in canisters, barrels and IBC containers (DPPL).