The group of iron-based coagulants (PIX) includes sulphates, chlorides and iron chlorosulphates. This group of coagulants comprises products which contain both Fe (II) and Fe (III).

Owing to their cost and effectiveness, iron-based coagulants are currently the most popular group of coagulants on the Polish market.

PIX coagulants are widely used for treatment of urban and industrial water waste. They are particularly recommended for phosphorus and hydrogen sulfide removal as well as for sludge pre-treatment.

The group of iron-based coagulants includes the following products:

  • iron (II) sulphate PIX 100COP
  • ferric (III) sulphate PIX 113, PIX 112, PIX 123
  • iron (II) chloride PIX 100
  • iron (III) chloride PIX 109, PIX 116, PIX 111
  • iron (III) chloride sulphate PIX 110