PAX coagulants contain activated aluminium Al+3 in concentrations from 4.5% to 12 %. Depending on their basicity, they can fall into three categories:

  • low-basicity coagulants PAX 16, PAX 18, PAX 25, PAX XL60
  • medium-basicity coagulants PAX XL1, PAX XL3, PAX XL9, PAX XL10, PAX, PAX XL61, PAX XL69
  • high-basicity coagulants PAX XL1905, PAX XL1910, PAX XL19F, PAX XL19H

PAX coagulants are highly effective products which are predominantly used in the process of conditioning different types of water (especially potable water), industrial and potable water treatment and lake recultivation. They are also widely used for combating filamentous bacteria in active sediment. Some types of aluminium-based coagulants (PAX) are also used in paper production.