Iron-based PIX coagulants represent a wide group of products comprising sulphates, chlorides and iron chlorosulphates. This group includes products containing both Fe (II) and Fe (III). Owing to their cost and effectiveness they are the most widely used coagulants on the Polish market.
PIX coagulants are used for conditioning of technological industrial water as well as potable water in municipal utilities. They are used for treatment of both urban and technological waste and are particularly recommended for phosphorus removal, smell neutralization and pre-treatment of sludge.

Aluminium-based coagulants (PAX), which contain active aluminium Al+3 in concentrations from 4.5% to 12%, are highly effective agents used in the process of treatment of all types of water (especially in the process of potable water conditioning) and waste, as well as in the process of lake recultivation.
These coagulants are also highly effective in combating filamentous bacteria.

Aluminium sulphate is used for both potable and industrial water conditioning as well as for urban and industrial waste water treatment.